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Profitability and return on investment

What are the device exploitation costs?

cash, money

At standard settings, the photo booth performs one full photo session of about 60sec (time may be elastically shortened or extended).

With those settings, throughout an hour, it will make maximum of 60 photos (at constant load), the cost of printing one 1 10x15 cm photo rounding out 40 Polish grosz.

This gives us the cost of use of exploitation materials at the level on PLN 24 within an hour.

Does the photo booth market runs down?

Every person who plans to purchase a photo booth ask themselves this question. It is true that more and more devices of this type appear on the market. But along with the increase of the amount of the "services in the photo booth", the appetite for end clients also grows. The photo booth becomes commonplace not only on wedding parties but also at business events and birthday parties. And practically there is always more of those parties than persons who could serve them.

The below Google Trends statistics show how interest of this matter changes (browsing the phrase photo booth at the turn of the past 5 years).

As visible on the charts, interest of the matter constantly grows. If we will not give in to bad practices and our "only advertisement" will not be decreasing prices - we can rest assured that our business will be profitable. Having our equipment you can compete with quality (and not only price) and this always attracts the best and regular clients. 

Don't allow the competition to pull the wool over your eyes with slogans like "Return after 3 months". It is extremely unlikely (so as not to say, impossible). Realistically, there is a one full season (meaning a year) of waiting for return of money for purchase of the equipment, only after that time we begin to earn "clear".

It is then important to have a top quality equipment at the start which guarantees that after lapse of that year it will still be functional and we will be able to offer services on the highest level. It is extremely important for the equipment that it is still functional, looks aesthetically and does not scare off potential clients after few years of intense use

All details create the entirety and it is them what guarantees success in the business.

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