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Classic solution for mass events. The device has ample possibilities of equipment configuration (UV lamp, payment methods, advertising veneer).

Photo booth SMOVE FBOX PRO

Standard equipment:

  • 4500lm LED ring light - steady light - with remote control of the brightness,
  • All In One ASUS A41GAT computer with 16" touchscreen,
  • CANON EOS 2000D camera with 18-55mm lens, 8GB memory card and fixed power supply,
  • Mitsubishi CP-M1E dye sublimation printer along with exploitation materials for 750 photos,
  • photo booth software with interface package and printout templates.

Dimensions and weight:

  • photo booth dimensions: 46x173x38 cm,
  • dimensions of individual segment: 46x86x38 cm (without wheels)
  • height of the lens from the ground: 158 cm,
  • weight of the photo booth's upper segment: ~19kg,
  • weight of the photo booth's lower segment: ~18kg.

Other features:

  • pull-out printer drawer,
  • internal photo feeder,
  • transport wheels with rotation and "drive" blockade,
  • integrated, quiet cooling system,
  • colour: black/white material of fine composition,
  • structure based on welded aluminium frame and solid plating from thick (2mm) aluminium sheet metal.
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Photo booth consists of two boxes. Thanks to which it is easier to transport it even in small cars.

Photo booth  smove fbox pro - white

Effect of painting with light

click and read more about the effect of painting with light

Powerful photo booth software

click to read more about the photo booth management program

Photo booth body
black body

Photo booth is built based on welded aluminium frame and plating of thick (2 mm) aluminium sheet metal - this ensures the highest durability of the device for long years of exploitation.

The plating of side walls and front is made from one metal sheet - cut with laser and bended on numeric bending machine. Body made of one piece of metal sheet significantly improves the durability and aesthetic values of the device - it does not have connections on the edges which are ugly and susceptible to damage.

Frames from the competition, based on the aluminium assembled profiles or furniture board, will sooner or later start to loosen and lose rigidity, thus they need to be services regularly.

Other structures built from metal sheet are also available on the market, however, they do not have internal carrying frame and the plating sheet metal is only 1 mm thick. This in effect translates to low durability.

white body

Aluminium structure has a natural ability to dissipate heat. Now without reason all radiators are made of aluminium. Materials such as acrylic glass and furniture board are very weak heat conductors, which in the absence of exhaust fans causes high temperature accumulation inside the photo booth. The consequence of this is overheating of internal components - the camera, printer and computer.

natural heat dissipation

Beside the printer, in our photo booth there are no strong heat sources. The computer is a modern structure with efficient cooling and the photo booth lamp is built from 12V LED fluorescent lamps, creates minimal amount of heat (the light bulb can be safely touched even after few hours of work). Other photo booths often use compact CFL fluorescent lamps as a light source, this solution creates very much heat and gives relatively small light stream.

Hybrid UV lamp effect

click to read more about UV technology

GreenScreen Technology

click to read more about greenscreen technology

Mobility and ease of use
super light design photo booths

The photo booth is light (segment ~18 kg with the all fixtures), which helps everyone to transport it freely and without effort. Comfortable handles on the both sides facilitate lifting the photo booth up, even without additional cases.

The device's size itself is also a significant matter. The photo booth's individual segment has dimensions of  46x86x38cm which makes our device extremely compact. Not everyone has a large van at their disposal to transport a photo booth.

The device may be stowed with fixtures (additional cardboards of exploitation materials, gadgets, green-screen) even to a small car. In estate wagons - everything fits in the boot space.

Fiat Cinquecento - vehicle class: micro

Car loaded with 2 additional cardboards of consumables, set of gadgets, green-screen wall. The vehicle still can be comfortably driven by 2 persons.

Opel Astra F - vehicle class: compact sedan

Car loaded with 2 additional cardboards of consumables, set of gadgets, green-screen wall. The vehicle still can be comfortably driven by 3 persons.

Toyota Avensis - vehicle class: estate wagon

Car loaded with 2 additional cardboards of consumables, set of gadgets, green-screen wall. The vehicle still can be comfortably driven by 5 persons (entire equipment fitted in the boot).

Gif animations

click to read more about GIF animations

Slow motion effect

click to read more about slow motion technology

Lower body

In the lower box a place is available to store additional exploitation materials, camera bags or for gadget transport.

A printer drawer is a very useful element of the photo booth. In most of the photo booths available on the market use thermal dye sublimation printers. These printers are heavy (e.g. Mitsubishi CP-M1E model weights 17.5kg with materials), additionally media should be replaced as soon as the device is connected to power supply.

Pull-out drawer allows to replace exploitation materials very fast, even during an event - without interrupting the party.

In designs without the drawer, "procedure" of paper replacement is rather long:
we stop the party >> we disassemble the external photo feeder >> we plug out the printer's power supply >> we take out the printer >> we plug in the power supply >> we put in the materials >> we wait for the calibration >> we plug out the power supply >> we put the printer back >> we plug in the power supply >> we assemble the photo feeder >> done...

In the below videos you can see how to replace materials in the printer easily



Transport wheels with blocking

At the photobooth's wheels special locks have been installed to prevent rotation.

transport wheels with a rotation lock

LED ring lamp

click and read more about the LED ring lamp

Web camera vs. dslr camera - worth to know

click to read more about the differences between using webcams and digital SLRs

Internal photo feeder

In order to avoid breaking of the external photo tray (provided along with the printer), an internal metal feeder was used, it is comfortable, elastic and holds many photos. Nothing protrudes from the side or front of the photo booth, there is no risk that someone will clip and damage it by accident.

The outlet is pointed from the side of the photo booth (looking from the forehead on the right side). Thanks to which persons retrieving the photos do not disturb another persons who may be starting a new session (usually everyone after retrieving the photo examines it, when the photo outlet is in front of the photo booth - such persons stand for few minutes disturbing the order of photo sessions).

In addition with side feeder - printer is placed is such position that paper replacement is prompt, the heavy printer needs not to be heaved or turned - in order to enable opening of the cover.

Payment methods

click to read more about payment modules

Custom design constructions

click and read more about non-standard projects

Professional electric installation

The photo booth has an entirely integrated power supply system, based on a main module, placed in the upper part of the device.

Experience gained by us and our clients, lead to liquidation of the external power supply socket on the photo booth's side. Power it supplied to the module from the bottom of the device, there are no sockets on the casing and thus no risk of power plug-off when someone would accidently yank the cable or kick the connection during work in the photo booth.

Inside the power module there is a complete electrical switching station equipped in a range of surge protections, residual current protections, overcurrent protections, 12 V power supply unit (for the lamp, coin slot and cooling system) and original camera power supply unit (we do not use cheap substitutes).

Application of integrated power supply system, allows the highest comfort and safety of work with our device. There is no tangle of cables, various power supply units or sockets - all is ergonomic and time required to plug in the equipment is minimal.

After assembling the photo booth, power is brought only to the module, we connect the printer power supply to it, then printer's USB, camera's USB and we can work.

Our solution of built-up installation.

professional electrical installation in a photo booth

A competitive "Solution".

provisional electrical installation for the competition
Declarations and certificates

click to read more about declarations and certificates

Photobooth sounds

click and read more about the sounds in the photo booth

Flash lamp

Additional option is a Flash Lamp. It adds special functionalities in places where we do not want (or we cannot) use a fixed lamp - e.g. dark discos or when we want to uses additional effects (e.g. painting with light).

In the SMOVE FBOX PRO photo booth, illumination using a flash lamp may be performed in three ways:

  • first way, the easiest and not requiring additional fixtures is to lift the camera's photoflash lamp. It has a power comparable to screw-in lamps on E27 thread.
    built-in flash - Canon EOS

  • second way is to use an original ring flash lamp, in this case we use a burner of diameter 16cm and of maximum power 600Ws. The generator has maximum power of 200Ws (thus providing a large supply before the burner is burned out early).

  • third way, external tungsten flash lamp with beauty dish - placed on the upper photo booth's plate. flash lamp with dish

  • fourth way - Flash lamp mounted inside the booth and lid on top of the booth.
    flash lamp inside the photobooth
    flash lamp inside the photobooth
Advertising veneer

An interesting option to diversify the photo booth's design is to make an advertising veneer. It is possible to order such additional option with us. Veneer is very durable, made on thick foil - secured with a colourless laminate. You can order a unique project or use the free-of-charge ready one from out base (we apply your logo, promotional slogan and contact details on the project from the base).

Examples of veneers form the base

In the event of choosing this option, the client is entitled to "customise" - we add the logotype, advertising slogan, contact details (e-mail, phone, etc.) to the project.

advertising veneer no.1

advertising veneer

advertising veneer no.2

advertising veneer

advertising veneer no.3

advertising veneer

advertising veneer no.4

advertising veneer

advertising veneer no.5

advertising veneer

advertising veneer no.6

advertising veneer

advertising veneer no.7

advertising veneer

advertising veneer no.8

advertising veneer

advertising veneer no.9

advertising veneer

advertising veneer no.10

advertising veneer

advertising veneer no.11

advertising veneer

advertising veneer no.12

advertising veneer

advertising veneer no.13

advertising veneer

Examples of implementation of unique veneers

Projects are not intended for further resale.

advertising veneer advertising veneer advertising veneer advertising veneer


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