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Compact and effective photo booth with smooth regulation of body inclination.

photo booth SMOVE FBOX MINI

Standard equipment:

  • 4500lm LED ring light - steady light - with remote control of the brightness,
  • All In One ASUS A41GAT computer with 16" touchscreen,
  • CANON EOS 2000D camera with 18-55mm lens, 8GB memory card and fixed power supply,
  • Mitsubishi CP-D80DW thermal dye sublimation printer with exploitation materials,
  • Photo booth software with interface package and printout templates,
  • Decorative RGB LED lighting - edges of the body and leg

Dimensions and weight:

  • photo booth dimensions: 70x173x70cm,
  • photo booth body dimensions: 46x67x27cm,
  • photo booth body weight: ~21kg,
  • the height of the lens from the ground: 152cm,
  • printer cassette (with printer) weight: ~20kg,
  • leg/support weight: ~7kg,
  • base weight: ~15kg,
  • base dimensions: 70x70cm

Other features:

  • programmable illumination of the photo booth's edges and leg - digital (multicolour) led with remote controller,
  • integrated, quiet cooling system,
  • powder-coated shell, black/white mat with a fine structure,
  • design based on a welded aluminum frame and solid sheathing with a thick (2mm) aluminum plate.
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Available colours

The device standardly comes in two colour variants: white and black.

smove fbox mini white version
smove fbox mini black version
Ring LED lamp

click to read more about the LED ring lamp

Photo booth body

Short presentation of the premiere version - beta (in current version, cables to the printer body are hidden). Device is equipped with decorative illumination - digital LED - on the body edge and along the leg. This illumination has a multicolour function - of fluent colour change - this allows to display many colours at the same time. The controller has 70 different programs of illumination.

The effect of a hybrid UV lamp

click to read more about UV technology

Photo booth is divided to 4 small and easy to transport elements.
elements of mini photo booths

The structure of the photo booth is divided into 4 parts of low weight (the heaviest segment weighs 21kg together with the all fixtures), making its transport easy and effortless for anybody.

The device's size itself is also a significant matter. Photo booth body has dimensions 46x27x67cm which makes the device extremely compact.

The device may be stowed with fixtures (additional cardboards of paper, gadgets, green-screen) even to a small car.

In estate wagons - entirety may be fitted in the boot space.

GREENSCREEN technology

click to read more about greenscreen technology

Hinged body
animation, tilting body

Device is equipped with articulating body. The angle setting may be changed easily, thanks to which the frame may be set quickly at photographed persons.

It is immensely helpful with alternate photographing of children and adults.

It is not necessary to provide children with "stools" to make correct photos of them.

framing children

GIF annimations

click to read more about gif animations

Transport soft covers

solid transport covers

The effect of painting with light

click to read more about the effect of painting with light

Easy replacement of consumables

Webcam vs. digital SLR - good to know

click to read more about the differences between using webcams and digital SLRs

Bilateral photo outlet
Double-sided photo outlet.

Cartridge with printer may be assembled in such way for the photo outlet to be pointing to the right of left side of the photo booth (interchangeably), which facilitates work in "narrow" and hard-to-set places.

Placement of the photo outlet on the photo booth's side makes persons retrieving the photos do not disturb another persons who may be starting a new session (usually everyone after retrieving the photo examines it, when the photo outlet is in front of the photo booth - such persons stand for few minutes disturbing the order of photo sessions).

In order to avoid breaking of the external photo tray (provided along with the printer), we used our internal metal feeder, it is comfortable, aesthetic and hold many photos. Nothing protrudes from the side or front of the photo booth, there is no risk that someone will clip and damage it.

Sounds in a photo booth

click to read more about the sounds in the photo booth

Quick change of camera orientation
changing the vertical / horizontal frame

Camera may be turned to vertical orientation and make "narrow tall frames" - e.g. legitimation photo or full-person photo.

Powerful photo booth software

click to read more about the photo booth management program

Separated printer cassette

A cassette with a printer can also be dismantled from the leg of a photo booth and placed anywhere (within the reach of a USB cable eg 5m)

separated cassette with the printer

Slow Motion effect

click to read more about slow motion technology

Electric installation

The photo booth has an entirely integrated power supply system, based on a main module, placed in the upper part of the device.

Application of integrated power supply system, allows the highest comfort and safety of work with the device. There is no tangle of cables, various power supply units or sockets - all is ergonomic and time required to plug in the equipment is minimal.

After assembling the photo booth, power is brought only to the body, we connect the printer power supply to it, then printer's USB, camera's USB and we can work.

the interior of the device
Custom Design

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Declarations and certificates

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